12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
   Producer: 467 Deb Conley-Rocky Mountain Barrel Racing, Show Date: 04/08/22   
                        Contact: Deb Conley 801-726-5515                        
                  Location: Golden Spike Arena, West Weber, UT                  
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
Paying to  9 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 23802.00, Rider count = 316         
     1D Time = 13.417, Placings = 16, Pool = $ 5700.50                       
     2D Time = 13.917, Placings = 82, Pool = $ 5324.46                       
     3D Time = 14.417, Placings = 59, Pool = $ 4760.40                       
     4D Time = 14.917, Placings = 43, Pool = $ 4384.36                       
     5D Time = 15.417, Placings = 57, Pool = $ 3632.28                       
                     Not Placed = 59                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 13.417 $1197.00             Lauren Butler Porter on TS Snapn ta Fame  
   2nd 13.565 $1026.00             Kailey Mitton on Switching Creeks         
   3rd 13.627 $912.00              Kelli Thouvenell on Favorite Version      
   4th 13.657 $770.00              Shawni Campbel Russell on SG Funny Money  
   5th 13.776 $627.00              Jordan Argyle on Tinytude                 
   6th 13.787 $456.00              Terri  Wood Gates on Consuelos            
   7th 13.793 $285.00              Laura Lambert on VF Wheely Cook           
   8th 13.819 $228.00              McKinlee Kellett on Marla Hooch           
   9th 13.821 $200.00              Sheryl Sandberg on Sassy                  
  10th 13.824                      Rikki Thompson on Feature Mr James        
  11th 13.876                      Whitney Diamond on Dox Junorita           
  12th 13.879                      Bailey Alvarez on Shootnthebull           
  13th 13.885                      McKinlee Kellett on Here T Rock N Streak  
  14th 13.888                      Darcee Sheperd on Two Rubles              
  15th 13.896                      Stephanie McCann on Handsomer Habit       
  16th 13.898                      Jackie Berryhill on Goodbye Miss Manny    
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 13.921 $1118.00             Jillette Atkinson on TS Kissem Goodbye    
   2nd 13.924 $958.00              Jessy Pelloni on Docs Sugs Sport          
   3rd 13.932 $852.00              Timber Cote on Down Redwood Lane          
   4th 13.942 $719.00              Ashton Jones on T Heart Juicebox          
   5th 13.945 $586.00              Alisia Lindberg on GG Cool Bill           
   6th 13.956 $426.00              Madison Woods on TM Chocolate Matilda     
   7th 13.961 $266.00              Dotty Morse on Firen On Water             
   8th 13.972 $213.00              Carrie Jankee Stevens on SJR Diamond Ange 
   9th 14.000 $186.00              Alisha Wheeler on TM Conclusive           
  10th 14.003                      Mimi Argyle on Miss Zinita                
  11th 14.005                      Darby Bennett on Frenchmans Road Trip     
  12th 14.021                      Bailey Jo Bywater on JR Saint Pattys Jewe 
  13th 14.023                      Chloe Fearn on Famous Streakin Dude       
  14th 14.031                      Laura Lambert on Chasin Aces N Fame       
  15th 14.041                      Jordan Argyle on Carrot Top Lane          
  16th 14.042                      Kylie Martinez on Laci Bug                
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
  17th 14.052                      Marti Vail on Lu Lu's Pistol              
  18th 14.056                      Shelly McAdams on NSM Bad Leroy Brown     
  19th 14.064                      Bryan Rasmussen on Good K Oss             
  20th 14.067                      Ellie Thurgood on Cat Daddy               
  21st 14.070                      Oaklie Sanders on Fames Got Trouble       
  22nd 14.077                      Ashley Erickson on Tarzan 777             
  23rd 14.093                      Laney Parker on Zig                       
  24th 14.102                      Sue Smith on Diamond Center               
  25th 14.114                      Brook Layne on T&B Littlespot             
  26th 14.118                      Shelly McAdams on Kid Rock It             
  27th 14.123                      Kenlie Tams on PF Terminator              
Tie    14.123                      Jessy Pelloni on Fabs Dash Of Fame        
  29th 14.124                      Kailey Remund on JakesLittleRoan          
  30th 14.140                      DeEtte Powell on French Frost Freckles    
  31st 14.141                      McKale Hadley on Bellas Bag of Bones      
  32nd 14.142                      Ashley Erickson on Goodbye Smart Nellie   
  33rd 14.144                      Dawn Doss on Steppin On Air               
  34th 14.149                      Brandie Ferrin on Ike's Ocean             
  35th 14.158                      Brandon Stokes on SDC Warriors Hall Of Fa 
Tie    14.158                      MeKelle Hollingsworth on Lola B           
  37th 14.159                      Harley Hansen on Just  A Troubled Warrior 
  38th 14.165                      Kylie Wells on Gun Locke                  
  39th 14.168                      Shelly Johnson on Fancy Cold Rossi        
  40th 14.174                      Jessica Miller on LJ Royal Quick Dash     
  41st 14.177                      Tammy Black on TRP Money Missile          
  42nd 14.181                      Kiwi Collier on Tarzan                    
  43rd 14.184                      Paige Bennett on LKFirstDownGuy           
  44th 14.194                      Rachel Cardon on Drys Firecracker         
Tie    14.194                      Mimi Argyle on Frenchmans Bliss           
  46th 14.195                      Hallie Peterson on Willie                 
  47th 14.201                      Errin Hammond Little on Branson Cashn Roy 
  48th 14.204                      Sydney King on Jets Black Magic Prom      
  49th 14.206                      Alisha Wheeler on SD Jitterbugs A Burnin  
  50th 14.209                      Kaylie Fox on Mr Perfect Fame             
  51st 14.217                      Laura Lambert on Streakin For The Guys    
  52nd 14.218                      Raylee Reeves on Just A Little Faster     
  53rd 14.223                      Shae Erhart Hill on Jettin to Rio         
  54th 14.245                      Callie Jones on Lots Of Corona            
Tie    14.245                      Shawna Felter on Ky's Goodbye Fame        
Tie    14.245                      Maddison Giordano on In Ur Wildest Dreams 
  57th 14.248                      Rachel Krumpel on GQ                      
  58th 14.257                      Ondelyn Collie on Skipn San Chex          
  59th 14.275                      Jessica Miller on LJ Dashing Dune         
  60th 14.280                      Jackie Berryhill on CC Call Me Bambi      
  61st 14.282                      Brittnee Christensen on HP Ivory Silk     
  62nd 14.284                      Alexis Weaver on Catglovez                
  63rd 14.288                      Kailey Remund on Joes Rocket Runner       
  64th 14.289                      Dallas Bauer on JestA FamusFrenchGirl     
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
  65th 14.293                      Lacey Morse on Maples American            
  66th 14.295                      Kashlee Hill on Dazle A Frenchman         
  67th 14.307                      Stacy Crompton on Fabulous Kue            
  68th 14.319                      Rachel Krumpel on Be Justins Dream        
  69th 14.323                      Jaime Gee on Picd For Fame                
  70th 14.339                      Kelsie Sanders on Redwood Manny Joy       
Tie    14.339                      Paige Bennett on Sadies Fling             
  72nd 14.344                      Sage Cooley on Paint Me Rich              
  73rd 14.357                      Jessica Hadley on SH Alibi Dash           
  74th 14.361                      Stacie Pugsley on Kwackin Crackin Prom    
  75th 14.367                      Kim King on MRI Hot Shot of Blue          
  76th 14.377                      Susan Hadley on SH Especially Smooth      
  77th 14.382                      Amanda Butler on Jet Set N Go             
  78th 14.387                      Mindee Butler on PL Whiskey Lady Lou      
  79th 14.388                      Callie Clark on Jazper Cat                
  80th 14.398                      Kelly Sorenson on Two Nights in Vegas     
  81st 14.411                      Alisha Wheeler on TM Chocolate Cookie     
  82nd 14.416         UT05         Josie Brande on Rona Bar Blitz            
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 14.430 $1000.00             Kylie Wells on Smooth N Fuzzy             
   2nd 14.479 $857.00              Jody Pomikala Walk on Move Joyfully       
   3rd 14.496 $762.00              Kailey Mitton on GL Nat King Cole         
   4th 14.504 $643.00              Carrie Jankee Stevens on Xtra Catalicious 
   5th 14.506 $524.00              JoAnn O'Neal on Sling Shot                
   6th 14.508 $381.00              Stephanie McCann on Shez Keep N The Dream 
   7th 14.511 $238.00              Shelly McAdams on NSM Joy Joy             
   8th 14.519 $190.00              Katie Larsen on Chasin Gold Perks         
   9th 14.527 $167.00              Maddie Campbell on Peppys Mr. Timex       
  10th 14.531                      MacKenzie Wardleigh on Aspens Berry Bloss 
Tie    14.531                      Susan Lindsey on Bullys Scarlet           
  12th 14.535                      Bailee Huntsman on Ben                    
  13th 14.539                      Aaron Steele on XR Royalty Jenni          
  14th 14.541                      Jordyn Waddell on Trump Train             
  15th 14.551                      Jessica Jones on JR Winkens First Dash    
  16th 14.557                      Chandelle Rudman on Docs Splash N Bar     
  17th 14.558                      Lexi Ormond on Tilly                      
  18th 14.559                      Susan Lindsey on Streaknnnative Dancer    
  19th 14.562                      Kim Layne on Taking On George             
  20th 14.565                      Rikki Thompson on Valiant Virgo           
  21st 14.578                      Olivia Krause on NeedAMoveNow             
  22nd 14.596                      Sheryl Sandberg on Gene                   
  23rd 14.600                      Kylie Wells on Boots N Boardroom          
  24th 14.601                      Shay Edwards on Dale                      
Tie    14.601                      Lori Papageorge on Pappys Smoken Pistol   
  26th 14.627                      Carissa Willis on My Check A Kelly        
  27th 14.644                      Becky Berg on Baby French Flit            
  28th 14.652                      Maegan Heiner on TFour Down Fame Lane     
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 4   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
  29th 14.653                      Kallie Wright on BK Chase N Fame          
Tie    14.653                      Maeci Adams on Kings Misty Skye           
  31st 14.666                      Azita Sepehri on Izzy McFly               
  32nd 14.670                      MacKenzie King on Reyvolving Loan         
  33rd 14.679                      Charlee Shaffer on LT Native King         
  34th 14.683                      Mindy Clark on Hot Irish Twister          
  35th 14.688                      Kelsi Goodrich on GG The Blurr            
  36th 14.697                      Mimi Argyle on Seis Somethin French       
  37th 14.698                      Jessie Ann Chrisman on The Golden Hippo   
  38th 14.704                      Kelsi Goodrich on GG Motorboaten          
  39th 14.708                      Laci Southerland on Blazin Lil Bugatti    
  40th 14.738                      Shalae Call on LMP Roan Scarlet           
  41st 14.741                      Kortnee Cordon on JS Brown Betty          
  42nd 14.750                      Natalie Riley on Hummuhs Horse Power      
  43rd 14.763                      Dani Hart on Sheza Fabulous High          
  44th 14.767                      Cheznee Hoskins on TM Mighty Talker       
  45th 14.775                      Crystal Gruber on Rusty Ruby Rose         
  46th 14.784                      Journee Morse on Horse                    
  47th 14.786                      Jenni Barnes on Two Coronas Ta Fame       
  48th 14.789                      Ilene Helfrich on Tiny Wild Woman         
  49th 14.797                      McKinlee Kellett on RE Smokey's Cash      
  50th 14.804                      Shay Edwards on Grizz                     
  51st 14.808                      Brandon Stokes on Son of A Slick          
  52nd 14.812                      Shelby Berry on Lynda On My Mind          
  53rd 14.826         UT05         Cathy Morgan on Blazin Twist Of Fame      
  54th 14.849                      Sue Hall on Whiz                          
  55th 14.876                      Rachel Krumpel on Ginger                  
  56th 14.878                      Darby Bennett on Twisted Nic              
  57th 14.880                      Kaycie Glover on Sheza Fancy Karma        
  58th 14.887                      McKenzee Caldwell on Lucky                
  59th 14.893                      Tammy Mott on MS Mandy Perry              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 14.919 $921.00              Tara Thompson on Cats Little Louie        
   2nd 14.920 $789.00              Candice Losee on JT Colt Company          
   3rd 14.925 $701.00              Jenna Peterson Christensen on Pocatello   
   4th 14.935 $592.00              Lori Papageorge on My French Treat        
   5th 14.942 $482.00              Katy Christensen on KC Frenchmans Pistol  
   6th 14.947 $351.00              Shay Monson on Miss Kay                   
   7th 14.949 $219.00              Payton Johnson on Gus                     
   8th 14.956 $175.00              Timber Cote on Sugary Lane                
   9th 14.969 $153.00              Madelyn Krumpel on Kammie                 
  10th 15.016                      Raylee Reeves on WhatD I Say              
  11th 15.022                      Shaylie Peck on Profits Raquel            
  12th 15.033                      Bev Clark on Chasin Moonshine             
  13th 15.098                      Shelly McAdams on Slick and Catty         
  14th 15.105                      Shad Hansen on Crimson Goodbye            
  15th 15.108                      Alayna Kidd on KR Red Rocket              
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 5   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
  16th 15.122                      Brylie Jo Gipson on Lena                  
  17th 15.127                      Ashlee Vernon on Dusters Dun It           
  18th 15.133                      Carly Jo Hart on Shes Some Kinda Bug      
  19th 15.141         UT05         Cathy Morgan on TS Red Hot Macy           
  20th 15.153                      Grace Crystal on Heza Smokey Steel        
  21st 15.157                      Sydney Green on Lou                       
  22nd 15.158                      April King on Diva                        
  23rd 15.170                      Kali Jo Parker on LZK Bullistic           
  24th 15.171                      Teri Bowman on RW Get Our Frost On        
  25th 15.181                      Keaton Kutschkau on Hancocks Piper        
  26th 15.182                      Shylee Rydalch on Docs Tumblin Rose       
  27th 15.185                      Brandy Jamison on Elusive Casanova        
  28th 15.188                      April King on LJ                          
  29th 15.225                      Tiffani Goodfellow on Max                 
  30th 15.238                      Kiwi Collier on Jackie                    
  31st 15.265                      Ilene Helfrich on Watch My Dreams         
  32nd 15.269                      Christy Wangberg on Roscoe                
  33rd 15.294                      Brandy Jamison on Driftwood Starlight     
  34th 15.325                      Texie Koyle on Cody                       
  35th 15.329                      MacKenzie Heiner on Spanky                
  36th 15.333                      Kenzie Sather on BCK Aint Nothin To It    
  37th 15.338                      Jackie Berryhill on Perks of Being Jet    
  38th 15.340                      Emma Whitaker on Wink                     
  39th 15.347                      Callie Smith on Wham Bam French Man       
  40th 15.349                      Sara Smith on SGS Lenas Main Fame         
  41st 15.385                      Cambrey Bentley on Hop On The Money       
  42nd 15.397                      Taenum Brundy on Streakin Kimstar         
  43rd 15.401                      Shelly McAdams on Sky                     
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 15.451 $763.00              Hannah Pack on Watch Katrinka             
   2nd 15.471 $654.00              Candace Gruber on Shining Frosted Party   
   3rd 15.499 $581.00              Brandon Stokes on Lucky's Valentino       
   4th 15.502 $490.00              Tracy Milne on RGR Jessies Illusion       
   5th 15.521 $400.00              Tiffany Thornock on Waylon                
   6th 15.524 $291.00              Kelsey Larsen on Slip Me One Grand        
   7th 15.539 $182.00              Kali Jo Parker on My Royal Lydia          
   8th 15.584 $145.00              Colt Roper on Zazv                        
   9th 15.658 $127.00              Lexi Ormond on O Annie                    
  10th 15.659                      Jodie Stafford on Cinco Native Gal        
  11th 15.669                      Katie Larsen on I'm Gonna Move It         
  12th 15.804                      Jenny Greiner on Dodge                    
  13th 15.809                      Trinna Williams on Rock N For Rodeo       
  14th 15.823                      Chelsy Bray on Tres Dedos Blanca's        
  15th 15.841                      Lonnie Kimball on Peppy                   
  16th 15.888                      Sara Meeks on Handsome Royal Ruby         
  17th 15.892                      MyKenna Burbidge on Tara                  
  18th 15.952                      Bella Smith on Hemi                       
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 6   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
  19th 15.959                      Colt Roper on Apollo                      
  20th 15.998                      Amanda Sanchez on Diesel                  
  21st 16.014                      Kelly Sorenson on Me Go Behind Bars       
  22nd 16.035                      Dakota Howell on Amazing Grace Chex       
  23rd 16.078                      Jessie Ann Chrisman on Day Dreamin Bug    
  24th 16.091                      MyKenna Burbidge on Shola                 
  25th 16.096                      MacKenzie Heiner on CC Apple Jack         
  26th 16.097                      Charlee Shaffer on El Arturo              
  27th 16.125                      Valerie Catten on Suns Rocket             
  28th 16.143                      Baylee Bearden Earl on Don't Seis Jackie  
  29th 16.158                      Madison Woods on TM Fast and Easy Cash    
  30th 16.225                      Kashlee Hill on Zans Lady Hollywood       
  31st 16.257                      Wakley King on Carlos                     
  32nd 16.378                      Dee Dee Williams on Edna                  
  33rd 16.384                      McKenzee Caldwell on BDS Poor Lil Rich    
  34th 16.641                      Becky Brower on CD Frechmans Queen        
  35th 17.353                      Charli Robinson on Bow                    
  36th 17.704                      Debbie Kimball on Doc's Smarty            
  37th 17.865                      Candace Gruber on Dingbat                 
  38th 17.949                      Jessica Jones on Track Rat                
  39th 18.745                      Haylee Woodward on Fame Creek             
  40th 18.756                      Autumn Keller on GM Easy Ro Win           
  41st 18.763                      Terri  Wood Gates on Sophia Kay           
  42nd 18.834                      Jessica Miller on UR Famous In Red        
  43rd 19.111                      Suzanne Thompson on Yer Killin Me Smalls  
  44th 19.131                      Kali Jo Parker on Dashin In The Lane      
  45th 19.327                      Jessica Miller on UR Girls Need Money     
  46th 19.405                      Ashlee Dudley on RGR Sofees Illusions     
  47th 19.459                      Shara Dawn Jones on Cats Peppy Box        
  48th 19.465                      Maegan Heiner on Smooth Movin Cowgirl     
  49th 19.491                      Kelli Thouvenell on KT Shine Down         
  50th 19.715                      Chelsy Bray on Perks BN Bad               
  51st 19.717                      Keaton Kutschkau on Six Easter Lilys      
  52nd 20.377                      Kenzie Sather on BCK Dashin Tank          
  53rd 24.323                      Ashton Jones on Fury's Song               
  54th 25.109                      Jessie Ann Chrisman on GSP Kissin Me Ta F 
  55th 25.701                      Bryan Rasmussen on Miss Stylish Eyes      
  56th 26.292                      Kyle McEntire on Jackie Cochran           
  57th 44.444                      Meghan Hayden on Aspen                    
SCR    400.000                     Josie Hales on JH Good Bye On The Rocks   
SCR    400.000                     Tabatha Udy on DCO Chic Mover             
SCR    400.000                     Amanda Lewis on Streak A Roses            
N/T    400.000                     Kallie Wright on BCK Spyder Monkey        
SCR    400.000                     Rhonda Dansie on Lightning Bug            
N/T    413.464                     Amanda Butler on TS Cinch Ta Fame         
N/T    413.618                     MacKenzie King on A Swinging Cat A Rey    
N/T    413.684                     Rachel Cardon on Drys Little Flower       
N/T    413.788                     Lauren Butler Porter on DTF Classey Chick 
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 7   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
N/T    413.800                     Kathy Pimentel on Holeys Comet            
N/T    413.802                     Tonia Davis on Blue Pogonip Society       
N/T    413.804                     Halley Guthrie on Smoke N Biankus         
N/T    413.866                     Callie Jones on A Denim Twist RB          
N/T    413.867                     Jennica Offret on Sunny                   
N/T    413.913                     Kailey Mitton on Dashing Manny            
N/T    413.924                     Kylie Felter on PTS Cruiser               
N/T    413.940                     Stacy Crompton on Dynamite Confetti       
N/T    414.028                     Erin Johnson on Fuegos Oakley Frost       
N/T    414.064                     Whitney Diamond on Pacific Flyway         
N/T    414.188                     Karsen Thornock on Catsmaebee             
N/T    414.201                     Tawnee Anderson on Willthewomandash       
N/T    414.265                     Karsen Thornock on Smoke N Print          
N/T    414.284                     Jentrie Crouch on Starlight Starwars      
N/T    414.319                     Tori Moss on Vodka Reigns                 
N/T    414.431                     Laci Southerland on TKW Stylin Pistol     
N/T    414.449                     Kali Jo Parker on Cuz Fame Comes Easy     
N/T    414.521                     Jaime Christensen on GM Splashing Proud   
N/T    414.529                     Brooklyn Fowers on Stella                 
N/T    414.540                     Callie Smith on The Fastest Girl In Town  
N/T    414.573                     Alayna Kidd on KR Mini Pearl              
N/T    414.636                     Katie Larsen on Chexys Little Step        
N/T    414.657                     Alayna Kidd on KR Fireball                
N/T    414.664                     Annette Dickamore on Divine Fling         
N/T    414.664                     Sheryl Kimbal1 on Hay I'll Make ya Famous 
N/T    414.680                     Tiffany Thornock on Holdin onto Fame      
N/T    414.728                     Kelsey Larsen on JKS Dancing Lena         
N/T    414.759                     Darcee Sheperd on Silver N Dough          
N/T    414.782                     Olivia Krause on Late In April            
N/T    414.803                     Teri Street on Dancin With A Lotta Fire   
N/T    414.870                     Raygon Peterson on Quick To Roll          
N/T    414.919                     Callie Clark on Cat'n on Moonshine        
N/T    414.921                     Chloe Fearn on Shez So Kidd               
N/T    414.986                     Randi Cobb on Spook Me Not                
N/T    415.017                     Olivia Wosnik on Coronas Capodeicap       
N/T    415.049                     Tammy Black on Nora's Blue Fancy          
N/T    415.057                     Destiny Kester on Smartest Despena        
N/T    415.062                     Debbie Williams on Knud England Patriot   
N/T    415.077                     Darcy Anderson on Diablo                  
N/T    415.205                     Trinna Williams on DT Run N For Money     
N/T    415.212                     MeKelle Hollingsworth on Rollin Blue Jean 
N/T    415.220                     Dani Hart on First Down Fast              
N/T    415.267                     Beanie Knox on TM Flash N Ignite          
N/T    415.595                     Ember Casperson on DW Pistols at Dawn     
N/T    416.208                     Colt Roper on Bomer                       
N/T    416.305                     Aspen Johnson on Teasin A Frenchman       
N/T    417.534                     Leslie England on Cash N Chex Society     
N/T    417.983                     Kristie Thacker on BR Miss Red Laredo     
12:25 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 8   
                  D4D RMBRA 5D Jackpot in Saturday D4D 5D Open               
                   Race Sponsored by: Kingsville Brand                       
N/T    420.059                     Ashbie Walker on Rain                     
N/T    424.358                     Vandy Williams on One Fast Machine