12:27 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
   Producer: 467 Deb Conley-Rocky Mountain Barrel Racing, Show Date: 04/08/22   
                        Contact: Deb Conley 801-726-5515                        
                  Location: Golden Spike Arena, West Weber, UT                  
               D4D RMBRA 4D Jackpot in Saturday 4D 16/49 sidepot             
              Race Sponsored by: Mountain Pointe Equine Vet                  
Paying to  5 placings, Jackpot Total = $  3303.50, Rider count = 89          
     1D Time = 13.417, Placings =  4, Pool = $ 1106.22                       
     2D Time = 13.917, Placings = 26, Pool = $  966.05                       
     3D Time = 14.417, Placings = 26, Pool = $  685.70                       
     4D Time = 15.417, Placings = 13, Pool = $  545.52                       
                     Not Placed = 20                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 13.417 $360.00              Lauren Butler Porter on TS Snapn ta Fame  
   2nd 13.565 $304.00              Kailey Mitton on Switching Creeks         
   3rd 13.776 $249.00              Jordan Argyle on Tinytude                 
   4th 13.819 $194.00              McKinlee Kellett on Marla Hooch           
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 13.972 $290.00              Carrie Jankee Stevens on SJR Diamond Ange 
   2nd 14.023 $242.00              Chloe Fearn on Famous Streakin Dude       
   3rd 14.041 $193.00              Jordan Argyle on Carrot Top Lane          
   4th 14.042 $145.00              Kylie Martinez on Laci Bug                
   5th 14.077 $ 97.00              Ashley Erickson on Tarzan 777             
   6th 14.123                      Kenlie Tams on PF Terminator              
   7th 14.142                      Ashley Erickson on Goodbye Smart Nellie   
   8th 14.144                      Dawn Doss on Steppin On Air               
   9th 14.149                      Brandie Ferrin on Ike's Ocean             
  10th 14.158                      MeKelle Hollingsworth on Lola B           
Tie    14.158                      Brandon Stokes on SDC Warriors Hall Of Fa 
  12th 14.159                      Harley Hansen on Just  A Troubled Warrior 
  13th 14.201                      Errin Hammond Little on Branson Cashn Roy 
  14th 14.204                      Sydney King on Jets Black Magic Prom      
  15th 14.209                      Kaylie Fox on Mr Perfect Fame             
  16th 14.223                      Shae Erhart Hill on Jettin to Rio         
  17th 14.248                      Rachel Krumpel on GQ                      
  18th 14.257                      Ondelyn Collie on Skipn San Chex          
  19th 14.282                      Brittnee Christensen on HP Ivory Silk     
  20th 14.289                      Dallas Bauer on JestA FamusFrenchGirl     
  21st 14.319                      Rachel Krumpel on Be Justins Dream        
  22nd 14.339                      Kelsie Sanders on Redwood Manny Joy       
  23rd 14.357                      Jessica Hadley on SH Alibi Dash           
  24th 14.361                      Stacie Pugsley on Kwackin Crackin Prom    
  25th 14.398                      Kelly Sorenson on Two Nights in Vegas     
  26th 14.416         UT05         Josie Brande on Rona Bar Blitz            
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 14.504 $206.00              Carrie Jankee Stevens on Xtra Catalicious 
12:27 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
               D4D RMBRA 4D Jackpot in Saturday 4D 16/49 sidepot             
              Race Sponsored by: Mountain Pointe Equine Vet                  
   2nd 14.527 $171.00              Maddie Campbell on Peppys Mr. Timex       
   3rd 14.531 $137.00              MacKenzie Wardleigh on Aspens Berry Bloss 
   4th 14.551 $103.00              Jessica Jones on JR Winkens First Dash    
   5th 14.557 $ 69.00              Chandelle Rudman on Docs Splash N Bar     
   6th 14.601                      Shay Edwards on Dale                      
   7th 14.652                      Maegan Heiner on TFour Down Fame Lane     
   8th 14.653                      Kallie Wright on BK Chase N Fame          
   9th 14.670                      MacKenzie King on Reyvolving Loan         
  10th 14.708                      Laci Southerland on Blazin Lil Bugatti    
  11th 14.738                      Shalae Call on LMP Roan Scarlet           
  12th 14.763                      Dani Hart on Sheza Fabulous High          
  13th 14.775                      Crystal Gruber on Rusty Ruby Rose         
  14th 14.804                      Shay Edwards on Grizz                     
  15th 14.876                      Rachel Krumpel on Ginger                  
  16th 14.919                      Tara Thompson on Cats Little Louie        
  17th 14.925                      Jenna Peterson Christensen on Pocatello   
  18th 15.022                      Shaylie Peck on Profits Raquel            
  19th 15.105                      Shad Hansen on Crimson Goodbye            
  20th 15.158                      April King on Diva                        
  21st 15.181                      Keaton Kutschkau on Hancocks Piper        
  22nd 15.185                      Brandy Jamison on Elusive Casanova        
  23rd 15.188                      April King on LJ                          
  24th 15.225                      Tiffani Goodfellow on Max                 
  25th 15.294                      Brandy Jamison on Driftwood Starlight     
  26th 15.347                      Callie Smith on Wham Bam French Man       
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 15.471 $164.00              Candace Gruber on Shining Frosted Party   
   2nd 15.521 $136.00              Tiffany Thornock on Waylon                
   3rd 16.014 $109.00              Kelly Sorenson on Me Go Behind Bars       
   4th 16.035 $ 82.00              Dakota Howell on Amazing Grace Chex       
   5th 16.378 $ 55.00              Dee Dee Williams on Edna                  
   6th 17.865                      Candace Gruber on Dingbat                 
   7th 17.949                      Jessica Jones on Track Rat                
   8th 18.745                      Haylee Woodward on Fame Creek             
   9th 19.327                      Jessica Miller on UR Girls Need Money     
  10th 19.405                      Ashlee Dudley on RGR Sofees Illusions     
  11th 19.465                      Maegan Heiner on Smooth Movin Cowgirl     
  12th 19.717                      Keaton Kutschkau on Six Easter Lilys      
  13th 44.444                      Meghan Hayden on Aspen                    
N/T    400.000                     Kallie Wright on BCK Spyder Monkey        
SCR    400.000                     Tabatha Udy on DCO Chic Mover             
N/T    413.464                     Amanda Butler on TS Cinch Ta Fame         
N/T    413.618                     MacKenzie King on A Swinging Cat A Rey    
N/T    413.788                     Lauren Butler Porter on DTF Classey Chick 
N/T    413.802                     Tonia Davis on Blue Pogonip Society       
N/T    413.913                     Kailey Mitton on Dashing Manny            
N/T    413.924                     Kylie Felter on PTS Cruiser               
12:27 PM 04/12/22      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
               D4D RMBRA 4D Jackpot in Saturday 4D 16/49 sidepot             
              Race Sponsored by: Mountain Pointe Equine Vet                  
N/T    414.028                     Erin Johnson on Fuegos Oakley Frost       
N/T    414.284                     Jentrie Crouch on Starlight Starwars      
N/T    414.319                     Tori Moss on Vodka Reigns                 
N/T    414.431                     Laci Southerland on TKW Stylin Pistol     
N/T    414.521                     Jaime Christensen on GM Splashing Proud   
N/T    414.540                     Callie Smith on The Fastest Girl In Town  
N/T    414.803                     Teri Street on Dancin With A Lotta Fire   
N/T    414.921                     Chloe Fearn on Shez So Kidd               
N/T    415.057                     Destiny Kester on Smartest Despena        
N/T    415.077                     Darcy Anderson on Diablo                  
N/T    415.212                     MeKelle Hollingsworth on Rollin Blue Jean 
N/T    415.220                     Dani Hart on First Down Fast